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Guatemala. Where is it?

Ah. Definitely don’t travel there, I heard everywhere. It is too dangerous. Drugs, mugging, highway robberies and kidnapping. You are crazy. I roll my eyes. Maybe I am. However, is…

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Running Scared? A marathon in Afghanistan By Keith MacIntosh

It’s early morning to the west of Bamiyan in the highlands of central Afghanistan. There is fresh snow on the mountains, and a crowd is huddled together in the cold…

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Hand and Shears Travel Talks.

Hand and Shears Travel Talks. Wednesday 3rd May. Anthony Britton: Vietnam. Travelling by road and rail in 2007 and 2009. Anthony’s journeys took him from the cities of Hanoi and…

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Crossing the isthmus – from conquistadors to canal By David Redford

I’m not absolutely certain why we decided to add on a side trip to Panama when we visited Costa Rica, but in many ways it was the highlight, despite the…

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Uganda Lodge Community Projects

If you are looking to make a difference while on holiday this summer, Uganda Lodge are looking for volunteers to help with various projects, from working with children at the school to…

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10 Reasons to visit New Orleans

From Mardi Gras and exploring the historic French Quarter to cocktail themed tours there is something for everyone in New Orleans, a place where centuries old architecture is the backdrop…

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First Steps By Francesca Jaggs

Aged about 10 years old, I was lying on a sofa that had been moved into the middle of my parents’ living room so a major spring clean could take…

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Best Things to do in Morocco

Morocco has so many hidden gems and it has been a popular location for the filming of many movies because of its vast and interesting terrain. It is located in…

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World of travel

Here are some interesting websites from the World of travel that eNewsletter readers have sent in. An interesting blog by Nancy and John Coppock who have itchy feet and travel…

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Upcoming meetings

All The news on our upcoming club meetings in London, Chester and Toronto.

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Avoiding that Worst-Case Scenario on your Travels

Nothing spoils a vacation or foreign trip quicker than that sinking feeling or realization that something is wrong and you have left yourself exposed to a personal dilemma while you…

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Globe goes digital.

After holding membership fees at 1995 prices we have reduced them by producing Globe digitally (and saving on the printing and postage costs). Members can read Globe on or offline on iPads & tablets. Kindles…

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