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May Calendar


Upcoming talks in London are:

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

  • Kendra Ansley – Burma.
  • André Brugiroux – The Earth is but one country.

Saturday, June 3th, 2017

  • Paul Hughes – Rare Escapes – Adventures nearby. Duncan Gough – Travelling in Spain & how to write about your travels.

See London Meeting Programme  for futher details.


Upcoming talks in Chester are:

  • Saturday May 20th 2017
    • Barbara Brooks: A Gap Year Round the World.
    • Heather Lannin: Travel to Sierra Leone – the Working Heart of Africa.
  • Saturday July 15th 2017
    • David Redford: “Glimpses of the Nile -and echoes of the great explorers”
    • Pat Jones: “Mongolia including the Naadam Festival”

See chesterglobetrotters.co.uk  for futher details.


The next meeting is on May 26th 2017 at Old York Tower, 85 The Esplanade ( corner of the Esplanade & Church St.) – two blocks east of the Union station.

See https://globetrotters.co.uk/local-meetings/toronto-ca.html for details

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