Past online meetings

  • London Meeting Saturday, January 9, 2021

    Speaking this month we have:

    1st. Som Tamang – Take on Nepal.
    2nd. Dan Evans – Simplicity, Serenity and Sincerity across the world.

    Plus New Year Party post-meeting (in zoom?)

  • Online Meeting Saturday, December 5, 2020

    Speaking this month we have:

    1st. Janet Parsons – Palestine: Beyond the Wall
    2nd Luke Ripley – Nil by Air: London to Sydney without flying

    This meeting will be held online in zoom in line with UK Covid-19 regulations.

  • Online Meeting Saturday, November 7, 2020

    This month we have:

    AGM: The clubs AGM starts at 12:30 pm (card carrying members only), then at 2.00 pm the meeting begins

    Speaking this month at 2pm we have:

    1st. Paul Gillingham – Across Spain the Roman Way, At a Snail’s Pace.
    2nd: Alan Palmer – In Search of ‘Attaland

  • Online Meeting Saturday, October 3, 2020

    Speaking this month we have:

    1st. Michał Siarek – Macedonia – the land of Alexander
    2nd. Andy Browning – Following in Family Footsteps.

    This meeting will now be Online

  • Online Meeting Saturday, September 5, 2020

    Speaking this month we have:

    1st. Jacqui Trotter – The Stans
    2nd. Gavin Boyter – Run the orient
    3rd. Jon Lord – ‘Africa’s Forgotten Pearl’

  • August 1st Online Meeting

    We have two speakers of around 40 minutes and break between them

    First Speaker: David Harden – A journey through Northern Pakistan.
    Second Speaker: Ewa Les – Spirit of the Karkonosze mountains

  • July 4, 2020 Online Meeting

    We have three speakers of around 40 minutes

    First Speaker: Anna Hughes – Adventuring without flying
    Second Speaker: Keith MacIntosh FRGS – ‘Back to Bamyan: a return to Afghanistan’
    Third Speaker: Jane Harries – Marathon des Sables

  • June 13th Online Meeting

    Speaking this month:

    First Speaker: Duncan Gough – 100 miles to Burgos.

    Second Speaker: Will Batho – Using adventure to inspire change

  • May 9th Online Meeting

    We have three speakers of around 40 minutes:

    First Speaker: Will Linsdell – Eastern Europe Train Tours.
    Second Speaker: Alicia Colson – Exploring the pictograph sites (rock art) of Northwestern Ontario in Central Canada.
    Third Speaker: Vineet Vijh – Lhasa to Kathmandu by Road