Globe Magazine

Globe is an info-packed newsletter with travelogues by members, book reviews, travel tips, bargains and news. There is a mutual aid section where you can exchange information; place advertisements and find travel companions.

Emphasis is placed on the unusual and the opportunity to see places and meet people not given to the usual tourist. Methods of cheap travel and trips off the beaten track, as well as on well-travelled routes, are given prominence. Club meetings, travel shows and other travel events are also listed.

In the Current Issue

  • 4-5 Festival Event News
  • 7-9 In Memoriam
  • 10-12 Book Extract from Following Nellie Bly by Rosemary J Brown
  • 12-17 Book Extract from Wax and Gold by Sam McManus
  • 17 The Kindness of Strangers – Book Review by Kat Towers
  • 18-23 Gorilla Encounters in Uganda – by Jon Lord
  • 24-29 Club Calendar News
  • 30-31 Discounts and Offers

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Read these feature stories from past issues of Globe

Hearing that Dublin has over 1,000 bars made it sound the ideal place in which to celebrate…Linda Reynolds, Surrey

I was trying some thing different, instead of travelling through the usual tourist States of Brazil; I thought it be a good idea to visit a State much overlooked by overseas visitors, though not by Brazilians…Tony Annis, London

About fifteen well-dressed young men were jostling each other to shake my hand. I was sitting on my knapsack with my feet hanging out the door of a passenger car on a decrepit narrow gauge train…Terry Failing, New York

The expedition to the jungles of Irian Jaya began at Everest Base Camp. A few years ago I joined a group of Spanish friends in an ill-fated attempt to climb Everest…Jules Stewart, London

After passing 11 countries between Lagos and Dakar I thing that it is Mali who have best places of interest in this part of Africa. There are diversity of landscapes, rich folklore and historical landmarks to see…Wojciech Dąbrowski, Poland