Officials of the club.

If you would like to get involved in the running of the club please let us know, you do not need to move to the London or even the UK, as it is possible to take part by post, email, Skype, etc.

The current officials of the club are as follows.

The Globetrotters Club Officers

  • Founder: Norman D Ford (1921 – 2009)
  • President: John Pilkington
  • Vice President: John Ainsworth, Rene Richards, Carol Simonson, John Batchelor, Richard Snailham, Tanis Jordan, Martin Jordan, Malcolm Keir, Hilary Bradt, Arthur Frommer, Sue Learoyd, Gill Ward, Matt Doughty, Paul Woodward, Kevin Brackley, Jacqui Trotter.
  • Directors of Globetrotters Club Ltd: John Pannell, Francesca Jaggs
  • Committee members: Kevin Brackley, Paul Roberts, Francesca Jaggs, Gavin Fernandes, Eva Les, John Pannell, Catherine Finnamore, Mary Fogarty, Doreen Tayler.
  • Chair: Francesca Jaggs.
  • Treasurer: John Pannell.
  • Membership Secretary: Catherine Finnamore.
  • Publicity and PR: Ewa Leś.
  • Webmaster/Technical Coordinator: Paul Roberts.
  • Editor of Globe newsletter: Gavin A Fernandes.
  • Editor of eNewsletter: The Dragonfly.