As a member you will receive:

As a member of the Globetrotters Club, you receive the following:

  • Our Club Calendar: published every December.
  • Online talks: Watch recordings of over 30 online talks.
  • Globe: a copy of newsletter “Globe” four times a year – a sample copy of Globe is available on the web site for interested people to take a look at.
  • Be published: the opportunity of seeing your stories or photos published by submitting articles and photos for publication in Globe.
  • The Annual Membership Listing: offering accommodation, advice and help from other members. You can now perform searches online to find other members willing to give travel advice on an area or interested in forming a branch.
  • Access to our web Members’ Area: you can search online to find other members willing to give travel advice on an area or interested in forming a branch. (more options coming soon)
  • Discounts: at certain stores.

Globe Magazine

Globe is an info-packed colour newsletter with travelogues by members, book reviews, travel tips, bargains and news. There is a mutual aid section where you can exchange information; place advertisements and find travel companions.

Emphasis is placed on the unusual and the opportunity to see places and meet people not given to the usual tourist. Methods of cheap travel and trips off the beaten track, as well as on well-travelled routes, are given prominence.

Club meetings, travel shows and other travel events are also listed.

Shared Information

The club enables its members to make contact with other members who have visited their intended destination. Globetrotters get a unique insight and experience, which would not be available from a travel agent or guide-book. Swapping information works both ways and your contribution could make someone else’s trip special


Meetings give you the chance to share your travel interests with other like-minded people. Members are encouraged to form their own local groups and our meetings organisers are happy to give advise and assistance, so if you cannot get to a local meeting~ why not start your own?

The Membership List

The list is updated from the information given on application and renewal forms and is available in the members areas.

The membership list gives details of members; ability to give advice on their country/area; willingness to show you around their locality; willingness to offer accommodation for a night or two.