Welcome to the Globetrotters Club

The Globetrotters Club is the travel club for independent travellers & travel enthusiasts of all ages and has been active for over seventy years. Club members share travelogues, travel information & experiences, hospitality and friendship. If you are looking for the ultimate travel experience, wishing to plan from first hand information, interested in travelling off the beaten track, wanting reassurance before your big trip, requiring that little push to get you started or even just daydreaming of far-flung shores, then we are sure Globetrotters is for you. Our highlights include:-

  • Members located worldwide
  • The club is run by travellers for travellers.
  • Globe newsletter sent to all members
  • eNewsletter regularly emailed to 19000+ subscribers
  • Get information and advice from other members
  • Local branch meetings in London, Chester and Toronto
  • The club is independent and non-commercial without any affiliations
  • The club is a company Limited by guarantee, our members liability is limited to £1

Latest News

  • Details of the London meetings programme which can be attended either in person or online; https://globetrotters.co.uk/local-meetings/london-meetings/lm-schedule.html
  • CHESTER GLOBETROTTERS, Chester’s very own group, Details of the Meetings;https://globetrotters.co.uk/local-meetings/chester-uk/chester-meetings-programme.html
  • Globe 2022 Late Summer Cover
    Globe 2022 Late Summer Cover

    The Globe 2022 Late Summer edition has been published featuring: 4-5 Festival Event News; 7-9 In Memoriam; 10-12 Book Extract from Following Nellie Bly by Rosemary J Brown; 12-17 Book Extract from Wax and Gold by Sam McManus; 17 The Kindness of Strangers – Book Review by Kat Towers; 18-23 Gorilla Encounters in Uganda – by Jon Lord; 24-29 Club Calendar News; 30-31 Discounts and Offers

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