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Dear Globies, friends and fellow travellers,

Welcome to the Autumn eNewsletter with tips, news and discounts as always. I hope many of you have been enjoying the  digital edition of Globe magazine, we’ve had many new members join us since the switch over so I’ll take that as a good sign!

This edition is some news and archive articles from from our past issues, if you would like to help edit the eNewsletter or even just submit stories please get in touch.

Happy travels.

Globetrotters Calendar 2017


Globetrotters members should soon be recieving their free copy of the 2017 Calendar.

Many thanks to all members who responded to the call for calendar submissions this year, the standard of photography was again very impressive with a great variety of destinations and subjects covered, making the selection process all the more difficult.

Thirteen pictures by members have been selected with the calendar running December 2016 to December 2017

All members will receive a free copy of the calendar, if you would like a copy then please join here.

If you would like to buy extra copies at £4 + P+P please click here


Join us at the Adventure Travel Show 2017

The Adventure Travel Show is returning to London’s Olympia on 21st & 22nd January 2017 and is the UK’s only event dedicated to off the beaten track travel experiences, featuring over 100 FREE Inspirational Talks.

The show is the UK’s only event that is dedicated to off the beaten track experiences, featuring once in a lifetime adventures, wildlife encounters, eco travel, remote discoveries and more.

The Adventure Travel Show 2017

Volunteer to give travel advice.

We will be again having our travel advisor stand at the Show, if you would like to help on the stand and give advice on places you have been etc please signup below.

Volunteers will receive free admission passes to both show days, hopefully you will explore the Show and attend some talks – but spend much of the day advising as part of our team, with at least 4-5 globies available to share advising visitors.

Our volunteer travel advisors can :-

  • Give general advice for anxious travellers making their first major trip.
  • Share in-depth knowledge of countries they have visited in the past.
  • Share current experience gleaned during recent travels.

To volunteer click here.

Buy show tickets at a reduced rate.

If you would just like to attend the show, we also have a discount offer for show tickets.

Get advance tickets to The Adventure Travel Show 2017 at Olympia London for only £6 – saving £4 off the door price! Just quote GLOBETROTTERS when booking online at www.adventureshow.com or when calling 0871 230 7159 (calls cost 13p per minute plus network extras).

*Advance tickets go off sale at 1pm on Friday 20th January 2017.

Up a mountain in Montenegro


A two and a half hour bus ride from Dubrovnik in Croatia lies the Bay of Kotor set in the rugged landscape of Montenegro – a country whose name means ‘black mountain’. I checked-in to a hostel in the old town for a couple of days to explore the medieval architecture and the surrounding hills…

It’s gonna rain tomorrow morning, they told me. So I went for an evening drink in the bar. The local firewater or ‘grappa’ differs slightly all over the Balkans but the effect is much the same – singing and dancing on tables is the norm. And I might have had more than one…

Finding that I had missed breakfast the next morning, I wandered into the Old Town to hunt down a local bakery and investigate its varieties of borek – the ubiquitous savoury pastries of the region – and try a shot of the local coffee. But as I walked out, the skies cleared from grey to blue and …

Continue reading this story in the Summer 2016 issue of Globe (free to all members).

The Great Game: 30,000 Miles Across Central Asia

The Great Game Movie
The Great Game Movie

Jon Beardmore spoke recently at the November London Meeting, about his journey from London to Russia along the Silk Road, through the “Stans”, China and SE Asia returning via India, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey and finally back to Europe.

Would you like to get your own copy of the award winning film?

To reward your support of the fundraising efforts, every donation of £10 and above will get a downloadable copy of the film and a electronic copy of the film poster.


“100% of profits from this film are going to the charity Afghan Connection to support education and cricket in Afghanistan” – Jon Beardmore

Afghan Connection funds and supports schools, teachers and sports opportunities, especially in rural areas. With our partners we have built 43 schools across Afghanistan, which currently educate over 50,000 children.

Share your thoughts on the film, Jon would love to hear your tweets / FB posts of your thoughts on the film:


Free London Museums: The Bank of England

The queue at the Bank of England (2.5Hrs) for Open House 2006
The queue at the Bank of England (2.5Hrs) for Open House 2006 (c) Paul Roberts

The Museum is housed within the Bank of England, at the heart of the City of London. It traces the history of the Bank from its foundation by Royal Charter in 1694, to its role today as the nation’s central bank. Displays include: gold, bank notes and a reconstruction of the 18th century office. In addition, inter-active systems allow visitors to look behind the doors of the central bank or to examine the intricacies of bank note design and production, and a computer-driven simulation gives visitors an idea of what it is like to deal on the US Dollar/Sterling spot market.

The museum is open Monday to Friday, 10.00 – 17.00 and admission is free. See the Bank of England web site for details.

Historical Bank of England Trivia

  • The Bank of England was founded in 1694 by a Scotsman, William Paterson, and the Bank of Scotland in 1695 by an Englishman, John Holland.
  • The monarch’s portrait didnot appear on Bank of England notes until 1960.
  • The highest value bank note issued by the Bank of England was the £1000 denomination. It was last issued in 1943.
  • The fiver (£5) is the longest running denomination of Bank of England note: it was first issued in 1793 and the new polymer/plastic fiver issued in 2016 was the first non paper note issued, (£10 and £20 are to follow,) and the new polymer notes last up to 2.5 times longer than paper.
  • Bank of England notes were not wholly printed until 1853. Until that year they were still signed by one of the Bank’s cashiers.
  • Kenneth Grahame, the author of children’s book, The wind in the Willows, was the Secretary of the Bank of England 1898 – 1908. The book was published in 1908, the year in which he retired from the Bank. It is possible that some of the characters in the book were based on those people he knew and worked with.

This article was first bublished in September 2002 by The Beetle but the details have been updated.

Seeking Seokbulsa by Hal Swindall

Seeking Seokbulsa.JPG

Religious architecture being an interest of mine, I have visited as many Buddhist temples in Korea as I have had time for. Naturally, therefore, when I lived in Busan a few years ago, its largest temple, Beomeosa on a mountain named Geumjeongsan, was on my list of places to see. However, I have particular preferences connected with religious sites: I prefer ones that are remote, and I like to hike to them; you could say I find the mental and physical challenge spiritually edifying. Since my Lonely Planet guidebook mentioned that a smaller temple named Seokbulsa, at the other end of Geumjeongsan from Beomeosa, is hard to find, I decided to go there.

Continue reading this story in the Summer 2016 issue of Globe (free to all members).

Globe goes digital.


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Upcoming meetings



On December 3rd, 2016 we had talks by Brian Anderson – Tierra del Fuego – ‘The Land of Fire’ and Richard Evans – Laid Back around the World in 180 Day and on Saturday, January 7th, 2017, when we had 4 talks and 5 speakers, Rosemary Alexander on Beijing; Adam Lang speaking about Beijing and Hong Kong; Hilary Clark and Hemant Amin – talking about traveling from London to the Mezzogiorno by train and Sylvia Pullen talking about the Philippines. which was followed by our annual New Year party.

Future meeting are on Saturday, February 4th, 2017 and Saturday, March 4th, 2017.

See London Meeting Programme webpage for futher details.


Chester meets on

  • Saturday January 21st 2017
    • Mike Challinor — Paddling Scotland coast to coast the big pull.
    • Darren Axe — Treading Lightly – Journeys among the mountains of Europe.
  • Saturday March 18th 2017
    • Roy Willis — ‘Antarctic, Celebrating Shackleton’
    • Anna Manning and Howard Jennings — A Sense of Swaziland

See chesterglobetrotters.co.uk


The next meeting is on 20th January 2017 at Old York Tower, 85 The Esplanade ( corner of the Esplanade & Church St.) – two blocks east of the Union station.

Meetings and travel presentations are held on the 3rd Friday in January, March, May (4th Friday), September and November at 8.00 p.m

See https://globetrotters.co.uk/local-meetings/toronto-ca.html for details

Keep up to date with London and Toronto meetings on the brand new website: globetrotters.co.uk and find out about the Chester meet ups on their own site: www.chesterglobetrotters.co.uk

“Know Before You Go”

In association with the Know Before You Go Campaign, we are working with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to do all that we can to help British travellers stay safe overseas. Before you go overseas, check out the FCO website at http://www.gov.uk/knowbeforeyougo . It is packed with essential travel advice and tips, and up-to-date country information.

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