World travel news

Spotted by Matt Doughty on the BBC:-

  • ** Veg oil truck makes world journey **A truck rescued from the scrap heap is about to complete a round-the-world journey – powered by waste vegetable oil.Read more details at
  • Spotted also by Matt Doughty – the latest news about the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowships…
  • ·Greetings from Bike the Earth:- Dear GlobetrottersWonderful to get your news as we are in mid Australia on BIKE THE EARTH –   (Please check out at least the first page of our website).We have done 3500 km, connecting communities, inspiring initiatives, on ABC Television, on the radio, and in the media, with some great testimonials for the work we are

    Warm wishes for the Christmas season!

    Regards Chris Le Breton

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