Write in (3)…The Global Scavenger Hunt by Pamela Finmark

“Wanted: The World’s Greatest Travelers To Compete in Around-the-World Travel Adventure Competition” SANTA MONICA, CA 2 November 2010

Looking for all would-be Magellan’s, promising Indiana Jones-types, adventurous Nellie Bly hopefuls, and Phileas Fogg contenders!

The annual around the world travel adventure competition known as The Global Scavenger Hunt, that will begin April 15th taking participating teams to at least ten countries over 23-days before crowning The World’s Greatest Travelers on May 7th, wants real travelers to compete in a real travel adventure event.

Novice wayfarers and jaded travel veterans always ask who the greatest travelers are Are they independent globetrotters, backpacking travel junkies, business travelers (aka road warriors), do travel writers make for great travelers, what about tour guides or travel agents, maybe travel bloggers have an inside edge these days, or even former reality TV contestants?

It just makes such great on-the-road travel conversation: Who are the best travelers? asks Event Director and author William D. Chalmers, But our event adds a new wrinkle to that simmering debate, because for the first time all those Amazing Race wannabes who claim that I could do that!’ finally have the opportunity to prove it in a real life travel adventure competition. The rubber meets the highway–literally in our event.

The Global Scavenger Hunt travel adventure is designed to test not only participants travel IQ, those well-honed travel skills that serious international competitors bring to the event; like overcoming language barriers, intercultural competence, logistic challenges, team dynamics, the heat of competition, and three week’s worth of real-world creative problem solving, while traveling to at least 10 countries performing cultural scavenges; but this real-life event is also about getting travelers to trust strangers in strange lands and about personally and actively participating in sight-doing scavenges, not just passive sight-seeing while traveling the globe.

The travel competition is now accepting applications at the GlobalScavengerHunt.com website for a limited number of 25-two person team slots available for the 2011 event that will at the end, crown The World’s Greatest Travelers. The reigning 2010 champions are excited about defending their title and crown in this life-changing event against other international travelers.

Life-changing because not only are there bragging rights and The World’s Greatest Travelers trophy at stake, but because Teams will be collectively traveling more than one million kilometers in travel-a-thon fashion to help raise funds towards a $1 million goal for ongoing global charitable efforts including micro-loans supporting entrepreneurial women, and the continued building of co-ed elementary schools in developing nations such as: Kenya, Niger, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, and Ecuador, among others.

The event is limited to 25-two person teams, and the $9,900 per person entry fee (about $400 a day) includes: all international airfare, first class hotels, 40% of meals, along with special event gear. All travelers will be interviewed for suitability! Single travelers are welcome to apply.

Apply online at www.GlobalScavengerHunt.com or by calling GreatEscape Adventures at 1.310.281.7809. (CST#2071053-40) or email Pamela at MediaRelations@GlobalScavengerHunt.com for more details.

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