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Vancouver – CANADA: Save the date for the 6th annual around-the-world travel adventure competition that crowns The World’s Greatest Travelers. The world’s only open international travel adventure competition known as The Global Scavenger Hunt™ that circles the global over three-weeks, is set to begin April 9th, 2010, is now accepting applications for the 25 Team limited open competition slots.

What: The Global Scavenger Hunt is the annual around-the-world travel adventure competition that takes Teams on A Blind Date With The World™ while performing culturally-oriented scavenges in off the beaten path destinations.

When: April 2010, over three-weeks between April 9th and May 1st. Teams will travel from the West Coast to the East Coast-–the long way!

Who: Limited to 25 Teams of two. Entry fee include all international airfare, First Class hotels, 40% of meals and special event gear. Travelers will be interviewed for suitability! Single travelers are welcome to apply. Travelers from 45 nations have previously applied for this truly international travel competition.

Prizes: The World’s Greatest Travelers™ trophy and crown. Winners are invited back to defend their title for FREE.

Where: A circumnavigation of the globe that touches down in at least 10 countries; that may include: Peru, Brazil, Japan, China, Cambodia, India, Jordan, Morocco, Kenya, Portugal, Greece and Italy. (These are only potential 2010 countries as The Global Scavenger Hunt is truly A Blind Date With The World™ for all its participants because travelers won’t know where they are going to until at least 3-hours prior to each departure.

Why: Bragging rights, trophy and Teams will be traveling 1 million kilometer to help raise the $1 million goal for ongoing charity micro-loans and elementary schools building programs in developing nations like: Kenya, Sri Lanka, Niger, Bolivia, Sierra Leone and Ecuador, among others.

How: For additional information visit GlobalScavengerHunt.com to apply, or call GreatEscape Adventures at 1.310.281.7809.

Press Contact: Pamela Finmark –310.281.7809 or mediarelations@GlobalScavengerHunt.com

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