Independent Travel award

The Award (As Amended: April 2008)

William Wood was a member of the club for several years, who wished to encourage independent travel. His beneficial legacy to the club was to initiate a travel award of up to £1000 as a fund to support the most ADVENTUROUS, UNUSUAL OR ENTERPRISING FOREIGN, SOLO, STRICTLY INDEPENDENT TRAVEL trip by a Globetrotters Club member of not less than 3 years OR a member of not less than 12 months with a current, paid up, membership of 3 consecutive years.

The award is currently on hiatus for the time being.

Previous award winners

Previous winners of this award have gone to some fantastic independent adventures’ for more inspiration:-

The Prize

The prize must be presented by the club’ s Committee as follows:-

  1. A maximum of 75% to be used to pay for receipted flights and ticketing expenses, before the winner departs on their trip.
  2. A maximum of 25% in cash to cover receipted travel expenses, upon the winner’ s return from their trip. If no receipts are available then a written account may be presented to the committee for consideration.


  1. It must be independent travel with funding for one lone traveller only – no shared prize. Package trips or overland truck adventure trips, Trans-Siberian train excursions or similar, are not to be considered.
  2. Anyone applying for the travel prize must complete an application form. Short-listed candidates may be asked to expand on their proposed trip before the committee makes the award.
  3. Prior to any payment the winner should submit proof of travel insurance (to cover cancellation/curtailment of travel arrangements) for duration of the trip. This not only ensures that the winner is adequately covered but if the trip is cancelled for non emergency reasons then the GT Ltd Committee & winner will have a potential opportunity to recover any funds. It is up to the successful candidate whether health insurance is arranged.
  4. Candidates will commence their proposed journey within 12 months of the award.
  5. Past winners are not eligible to apply.
  6. Successful candidate, upon completion of their trip, will commit to speak at the London meeting and to write a report for Globe.


The Globetrotters Club Ltd Committee’ s decision on all matters concerning this award is final and no variation shall be entered into without its express written approval.

In order to ensure a fair selection process, applications should be submitted only to the legacy coordinator. On receipt of the application the legacy coordinator will edit the application so that no reference to the applicants’ identity is revealed. The legacy coordinator will then forward the anonymous applications to the rest of the committee who will consider all applications and vote accordingly. The legacy coordinator will not have a vote

If you wish to apply for the travel prize…

Please download the legacy_application_form and return it to our legacy coordinator. If you have any questions about the travel prize please contact our by filling in the form below: