Toronto Meetings, Friday, November 19th 2020. (Postponed)

The meeting for November has been postponed to a future date due to the Corona virus and the national guidance on self-isolation and social distancing. We are running some online meetings in the meantime.

Due to the situation and in accordance with the rules issued by both Provincial and Federal government, we are once again forced to postpone the meeting. 

Hopefully we will be able to meet in January (keep your fingers crossed)It is terrible that you, the avid travellers, instead of globetrotting have to spend  time cleaning your garage, sorting out things, attending Zoom meetings or classes or organizing your travel files.

In the meantime, London Globetrotters have held 3 days of virtual presentations – very interesting. 

I have also been contacted by the Globetrotters headquarters asking for possible contributions, and memories of and about Vera Blowers.  They would post them in their next Globe.  It would be nice if those of you who met her could contribute.In the meantime, happy travels on the map!

For information on Ontario meetings, please contact Svatka : or Bruce : / tel. 416-203-0911. Meetings and travel presentations are held on the 3rd Friday in January, March, May (4th Friday), September and November at 8.00 p.m at Old York Tower, 85 The Esplanade ( corner of the Esplanade & Church St.) – two blocks east of the Union station. Public parking garage is at the foot of Church Street right next to the Old York Tower.

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