TORONTO GTs meeting postponed until further notice

Dear globetrotting friends,EmojiEmojiEmoji

You have probably guessed already – sadly, the March meeting that was postponed till May and then till June 19th is again postponed until further notice.Unfortunately, many travel plans have also been either cancelled or postponed. 

I was going to drive out west and have a family reunion in Canmore (in time between Western and Canadian orienteering championships), but everything has been moved to next year.  No visitors from abroad….

However, all my friends, family and myself are healthy and still active as much as we can.I dream about travel, and I am sure you too.Take care – I hope to have better news next time,  and perhaps by August non-residents will be able to visit Toronto Ward’s Island and we’ll be able to have a picnic in Bruce’s garden.

Svatka Hermanek (on behalf of Bruce Weber who is alive and kicking, but doesn’t have the updated mailing list

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