Saturday, May 11, 2024 (on the 2nd Saturday)

Speaking on Saturday, May 11, 2024 (on the 2nd Saturday) we have :

1st: Simon Banks – Down and out in Oz & NZ – lessons in life

Simon will be talking about the transformative journey through adversity, offering profound insights from the trenches of struggle to the summits of resilience. Join us as we unravel the universal truths and invaluable wisdom found amidst life’s trials in the land of the long white cloud and beyond.

2nd: Marco Carnovale – Maldives

Marco has traveled to the Maldives a dozen times over the last twenty years or so. As always, he preferred going off the beaten path, which in this case meant off the beaten island… He mostly sailed around the archipelago on small boats and while island hopping he stepped down and visited remote villages and deserted sand banks where few tourists ever venture.

He stayed with local families and ate their food, always curious about the culture of this small and proud nation. Drawing on his background as a political scientist, his presentation will touch on the society, the politics and the economics of the islands, as well as on the inescapable religious dimension of Maldivian life.

An avid SCUBA diver, he logged hundreds of dives and in his presentation he will share photos of the underwater wonders of the Maldivian coral reefs, a fragile environment that is threatened by climate change and uncontrolled pollution.

Marco has written a book on his Maldivian travels: “Journeys through the Maldives” which was published on in paperback, hardcover as well as in e-book format. He will be happy to sign your copy after delivering his talk. An Italian version is available as well.

Date & Time: Saturday 11th May 2024

Doors open at 14:15 in London and on Zoom with the talks starting around 14:45 (London see Event Time Announcer for local times), please arrive early so we can deal with any issues with joining.

We would ask that anyone with respiratory symptoms participate via Zoom.

Admission costs:

  • £7 for members. (Members can access a ticket code below or from the members area.)
  • £10 for non-members. (save £3 if you join at this meeting)
  • a recording to watch later will be available to members and non-member ticket holders.

Unfortunately, we have had to increase the door prices to cover our costs as our venue hire costs have increased.

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