March 5th, 2011

Sarah Outen – A Dip in the Ocean

In 2009 Sarah rowed across the Indian Ocean, Alone. On the way Sarah broke 2 oars, ate 500 bars of chocolate and still lost 20 kg body weight. The journey took 124 days and scooped three Guinness World Records along the way: first woman & youngest person to solo the Indian; youngest woman to solo any ocean. It was raw and elemental – just as adventure should be. Sarah’s first book ‘A Dip in the Ocean‘ will be published in February 2011 by Summersdale.

Sarah is due to start her next expedition ‘London2London:Via the World’ on April 1st 2011, from Tower Bridge, London. Click here to find out more.

John Gimlette – Wild Coast Travels on South America’s Untamed Edge

The Guianas have always defied human kind.  Despite 400 years of colonial effort, they remain some of the wildest, weirdest and most beautiful lands on the continent.

Visit John’s website for more information

London branch meetings are held at The Church of Scotland, Crown Court, behind the Fortune Theatre in Covent Garden at 2.30pm the first Saturday of each month, unless there is a UK public holiday that weekend.

There is no London meeting in August, but we start afresh each September.

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