London Meetings, there is no meeting in August.

There is no meeting this month.

London branch meetings are held at The Church of Scotland, Crown Court, behind the Fortune Theatre in Covent Garden the first Saturday of each month, unless there is a UK public holiday that weekend.

Admission costs, £3 for Members and £6.00 Non-members. You do not need to be a member to attend, and we do not sell advanced tickets, please just come on the day, the doors open at 2:15pm and the program starts around 2:30pm with each talk lasting between 45 – 60 minutes.

There is no London meeting in August, but we start afresh each September.

If you would like to keep up to date with what’s happening at the Globetrotters London meetings and to be sent email reminders prior to the meeting, please sign up here

2 thoughts on “London Meetings, there is no meeting in August.

  1. Really looking forward to coming and I have tons of friends around the UK that potentially will join too later… I wish i’d Found you before i’ve Been journey over 22 years…15 years straight!! I’m sure many of the rest will come along…I have a good link in New York that might want to run that club too!!
    This looks like a great event!! See you all in May!

  2. I just read part 1 of the club history….I was a true backpacker,I made a least 10 journeys of 6/8 months on the road moving from country to country on different visas…I have tons of these friends too…all dotted about the world….many in the uk too…much like all of you will have too.I lived for long durations in some of the most remotest places on the planet.Free of electricity or running water…making our own fun from telling stories and playing guitars and singing and dancing.
    These places have also become tourist hot spots in recent years but I got a good run of living in the peace and quiet near to water and trees x

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