London Meetings, Saturday December 5, 2015

Speaking this month we have:

  1. Tomislav Perko – How to travel the world with almost no money?

    Tomislav Perko, 29, is a travel writer from Croatia. After a career of a stockbroker, broke because of the financial crisis, he hits the road and turns it into his home. He uses alternative ways of travelling – hitch-hiking, couch-surfing, working/volunteering, and manages to wander around the world with just a little bit of money in his pocket, meeting the most amazing people on the way.

    Five years later, he publishes a book “1000 Days of Spring” and goes around giving lectures about what it means to live on the road.

  2. Barbara Brooks – a quick trip across Canada & North America Barbara is talking about her recent over six months travelling trip across Canada & North America and meeting old friends and making new ones.
  • We are sorry the previously advertised talk by Jeanie Copland has had to be postponed. Jeanie Copland – on to Ho Chi Min (Trans Siberian Part 2).

    Having travelled the Trans Siberian railway from Moscow, via Mongolia, to Beijing; now continue on China’s railways to Nanning, crossing into Vietnam to connect with their reunification rail network – “adventuring en route!!”.

London branch meetings are held at The Church of Scotland, Crown Court, behind the Fortune Theatre in Covent Garden the first Saturday of each month, unless there is a UK public holiday that weekend.

Admission costs, £3 for Members and £6.00 Non-members. You do not need to be a member to attend, and we do not sell advanced tickets, please just come on the day, the doors open at 2:15pm and the program starts around 2:30pm with each talk lasting approximately 40 minutes.

There is no London meeting in August, but we start afresh each September.

If you would like to keep up to date with what’s happening at the Globetrotters London meetings and to be sent email reminders prior to the meeting, please sign up here.

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