June 4th, 2011

  • Justine Hardy: Paradise Lost? The Kashmir Valleys

    Justine Hardy has been reporting from Kashmir for much of the past twenty years. She is the author of six books about India, three of these being about Kashmir. The latest one, In the Valley of Mist, was a winner of the 2010 Dayton Peace Prize, and it was her third book to be broadcast on Radio 4’s Book of the Week. In addition to writing and reporting, Justine is also a conflict trauma therapist. She is running a suicide helpline and mental trauma centre in Kashmir.

  • Tim Hannigan: Murder in the Hindu Kush

    Tim Hannigan is a freelance writer and photographer, originally from Cornwall. He has travelled widely in India and Pakistan, and is usually based in Indonesia where he writes on travel, history and culture for a variety of newspapers and magazines.

    His first book, Murder in the Hindu Kush, tells the story of the mysterious 19th Century explorer George Hayward.As part of his research for the book Tim travelled for four months through Kashmir, Ladakh, Xinjiang and Pakistan to discover how the political decisions of Hayward’s era still reverberate in this troubled region today. For more information see http://tahannigan.blogspot.com

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  1. Hi globetrotters,I have just join our club.I was told about it by a 75 years old globetrotter,that I met in essaouera I am preparing a journey to marroco,mauritania,senegal and mali, crossing the Sahara.I would be thankfull for any insigths.
    thank you. daniel filipe (60 years young)

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