January 8th 2011

Four 20 minutes Mini-talks and our New Year Party

Our January meeting gives four speakers to present 20 minute talks, an opportunity to introduce subjects within a tighter format. We hope that talks may include topics that couldn’t be sustained over a normal 40 minute talk or offer a launch for new speakers.

Speaking this month we have:

  1. Neil Harris – Myoko Festival: Apatani New Year, northeast India
  2. Sohail Azhar – Pakistan
  3. Richard Timmis – Naukluft Hiking Trail, Namibia
  4. Liz Cooper – Wildlife of the Okavango Delta

By tradition we follow this meeting with a New Year Party post-meeting everyone is invited to bring food and drink and participate! (We have permission from the church for you to bring wine, but beer, cider and spirits are not allowed).

London branch meetings are held at The Church of Scotland, Crown Court, behind the Fortune Theatre in Covent Garden at 2.30pm the first Saturday of each month, unless there is a UK public holiday that weekend.

There is no London meeting in August, but we start afresh each September.

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