Chester Meetings, Saturday March 18th 2017

Globetrotters in Chester


Change of speaker – Kevin Jones is standing in with a talk on the Middle East as Roy Willis has had to go to hospital at short notice so Chester globetrotters wish him all the best for a speedy recovery

  1. Kevin Jones: “Inshallah – Odyssey to the Middle East”

    After just returning with a portfolio of photographs he took whilst in Nepal, Kevin landed a staff photographer job in January 1978 with a London publishing company called “Islamic Information Ltd”. Selected as one of two successful candidates out of about 600 applicants, Kevin embarked on an adventure of a lifetime: driving overland in an ageing V.W. camper through most of the Middle East, whilst documenting the way of life there for his employer. Living out of the VW whilst negotiating some hair raising events, temperatures to melt plastic, and endless soft sand, the hospitality and friendship shown by the people he met there, more than compensated for these inconveniences. This presentation is a snapshot in time in 1978, when peace appeared tantalizingly on the horizon, before the conflict that had befallen the Middle East for years, came to pass, yet again. (Kevin has a self published his book Inshallah available for £10 that will be at the talk).

  2. Anna Manning and Howard Jennings — A Sense of Swaziland

    A presentation that shows the multiple facets of Swaziland from several angles that focus on different senses. We cover conservation, daily living, scenery, health, as well as tourism. Our aim is not only to give a flavour of what it is like to visit Swaziland but also to portray the lives of its people via photos and stories of village life. We stayed at three locations at three altitudes and present a wide variety of experiences. By the end of the talk we hope you are as captivated by Swaziland as we were.

  3. Unfortunately, Roy Willis has been taken ill, so his talk will be re-scheduled for a later date.

    Roy Willis — ‘Antarctic, Celebrating Shackleton’

    Roy Willis has given many presentations concerning his adventures in the last decade, he is an admirer of Shackleton for his courage, bravery and leadership in desperate circumstances.

    The voyage in February 2016 aboard a 6000 ton former Russian scientific ship, it took in the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica. The presentation also features the fatal attempt by LT-Col Henry Worsley to cross Antarctica solo and unaided via the South Pole in January 2016.

    Any charitable donations will be given to the Henry Worsley Foundation which supports injured service men and women

Doors open 1pm for 1:30pm Start till 4:30pm Entrance Fee £3.00 includes refreshments and two talks Grosvenor Museum 25-27 Grosvenor Street, CH1 2DD Enquiries to Hanna tel: 01244383392 or Angela tel: 01244 629930

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