Chester Meetings, Saturday 19th of September -Postponed

Globetrotters in Chester

Our September meeting has been cancelled, the Grosvenor Museum is not opening the auditorium yet and we have to see what the future holds.

As usual we had 2 great talks planned, the first one about ‘Vietnam and Textiles’ by Dr Brenda Rewhorn and the second talk was going to be by Andy Fletcher, either ‘Russia’ or ‘Nepal’. It is such a shame we can’t get together yet, enjoy the travel stories and meet up!

5 thoughts on “Chester Meetings, Saturday 19th of September -Postponed

  1. Will you be allowed to meet on the 19th September?

    There might be another lock down as a second spike is likely to happen because of easing of lock down on the 4th July.

  2. Are they not allowed from the 4th July with the easing of lock down..? I expect there will be some rules for opening up after the 4th July. I am not suggesting that events should take place after the 4th July as the Virus has not gone and people could still infect each other.
    David Shamash

    1. No they are not allowed.

      The regulation will still prohibit gathering indoors in groups of more than two households.

      1.24 When will I be able to go to the theatre or watch a football match?
      It is against the law for large gatherings or mass events to take place except for in a limited set of circumstances to be set out in law. This is due to the substantial transmission risk with crowd behaviour. Through our close work with the sectors and public health experts, we will look into ways to safely re-open these large venues to the public and will be piloting new approaches over the course of the next few months.

      1.25 Can I gather in larger groups for any reason?
      You should only be gathering in groups of up to two households (including your support bubble). It is against the law to gather in groups of up to more than 30 people, except for the limited circumstances to be set out in law. You should observe the guidelines for meeting people wherever possible, and limit your social interaction to your own household or one other (or, outdoors, also a group of up to six people), to help to control the virus.

      1. What is the limit for places of Worship?
        Is it thirty or two households?
        The rules are very confusing.
        Thanks for your previous reply.

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