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On December 3rd, 2016 we had talks by Brian Anderson – Tierra del Fuego – ‘The Land of Fire’ and Richard Evans – Laid Back around the World in 180 Day and on Saturday, January 7th, 2017, when we had 4 talks and 5 speakers, Rosemary Alexander on Beijing; Adam Lang speaking about Beijing and Hong Kong; Hilary Clark and Hemant Amin – talking about traveling from London to the Mezzogiorno by train and Sylvia Pullen talking about the Philippines. which was followed by our annual New Year party.

Future meeting are on Saturday, February 4th, 2017 and Saturday, March 4th, 2017.

See London Meeting Programme webpage for futher details.


Chester meets on

  • Saturday January 21st 2017
    • Mike Challinor — Paddling Scotland coast to coast the big pull.
    • Darren Axe — Treading Lightly – Journeys among the mountains of Europe.
  • Saturday March 18th 2017
    • Roy Willis — ‘Antarctic, Celebrating Shackleton’
    • Anna Manning and Howard Jennings — A Sense of Swaziland

See chesterglobetrotters.co.uk


The next meeting is on 20th January 2017 at Old York Tower, 85 The Esplanade ( corner of the Esplanade & Church St.) – two blocks east of the Union station.

Meetings and travel presentations are held on the 3rd Friday in January, March, May (4th Friday), September and November at 8.00 p.m

See https://globetrotters.co.uk/local-meetings/toronto-ca.html for details

Keep up to date with London and Toronto meetings on the brand new website: globetrotters.co.uk and find out about the Chester meet ups on their own site: www.chesterglobetrotters.co.uk

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