Other travel clubs

Other travel clubs that might have a similar ethos to Globetrotters 🙂

  • www.bootsnall.com – online travel guide, trip planning resource, and network for the independent traveller
  • Women Traveling Together –
    membership organization specializing in small group travel for women. Also offers assistance in locating travel companions.
  • Camper Clubs of America is designed to help web surfers find the best outdoor sporting equipment online
  • World Travelers of America (WTA) offers newsletter, several discount programs, travel advisory and safety brochures, and more.
  • South American Explorers – looks like a treasure trove of South American information
  • Women Welcome Women World Wide; fondly referred to as 5W.  This is a club for women (mates and children are usually welcomed) who are interested in meeting and greeting new friends from different cultural backgrounds. Founded and headquartered in United Kingdom.  Has lots of international European Union members.  All the particulars can be found on the internet.
  • The Affordable Travel Club is based in Washington, USA.  Host/Hostesses provide overnight or more lodging and breakfast for visitors.  Can be more if guest clear in advance with host/hostess. Particulars can be found at internet address provided.
  • The Evengreen Club: is very similar to the affordable Travel Club.
  • CouchSurfing.  This group tends to on the young side and into roughing it if necessary in order to have a place to sleep and bathing accommodations.
  • http://www.travellerclub.org/ – Austrian travel club has been a travel community since at least 1996
  • http://www.dzg.com/ – German Globetrotters club, has been holding active meetings since publishing the “Trotter” magazine since 1974
  • http://www.swisstravelclub.ch/ – venerable Swiss Travel Club

Keep those suggestions coming… The Ant