Globetrotters Calendar 2018 Competition is now open for entries!

You are invited to submit your best travel images for consideration to be included in the next Club calendar.

The rules are pretty much the same as the last four years – send up to three images that show the beauty of a destination and evoke a feeling of wanderlust, inspiring others to travel.

Entries will be judged anonymously by a panel of judges from the committee – only the editor will know the identity of the photographer until the final images have been chosen. Pictures will only be used for the calendar and in Globetrotters Club publications (Globe magazine, the e-newsletter, the website/social media) to promote the calendar and the Club.

There will shortly be a link on the website to check these rules again and from which to enter directly but alternatively you can email your entries to as attachments. Please include your membership number and a short caption that includes where and when the photo was taken.

Please send your pictures as high resolution jpeg files suitable for printing as an A5 image. This is approximately 210mm x 150mm (a 7:5 aspect ratio) and images should be at least 2500 pixels on the longest side.

For uniformity in the design of the calendar, please choose images of an appropriate format – landscape only, portrait will not be considered. Colour only, no B&W please. Square format, 3:2, 4:3 and others may be submitted but they will be judged by the composition you present and their suitability for the calendar once cropped.

The images are printed ‘full bleed’ (to the edges of the paper with no border) so please ensure that any detail included in your composition doesn’t fall towards the edges of your picture – if in doubt, send a slightly wider crop.

The closing date for entries is now extended to  21st August. so please make sure that your membership is valid on this day and is kept current until judging has been completed. (You can join/renew easily on the Globetrotters website). All current members will receive a copy of the calendar as part of their membership when it is printed (hopefully in time for the Club meetings before Christmas). Any member whose picture gets used will receive a second copy and additional copies will be available to buy at meetings or by post via the website.

Some tips for getting your image in the calendar… Think about the composition and focal point of the photograph as well as colour and texture. Make sure it’s sharp, straight and appropriately cropped if necessary.

You can submit up to three entries but only one per member may appear in the final publication, though all could be shortlisted for the final stages of judging – perhaps consider a range of subjects…

Although we’re looking for a picture that shows the beauty and appeal of a destination from your point of view, the image should also resonate with a larger audience. And remember – it’s for a calendar – could you look at it and enjoy it each day for a month?!

Best of luck!

Rules, terms and conditions

  1. The closing date for entries is the 21st August 2017 at 23:59 BST..
  2. Entrants must be current club members.
  3. Members may send a maximum of three images per entry.
  4. Please ensure that your membership is valid when making your submissions and on the closing date of 21st August 2017 as it will need to be verified.
  5. Please also ensure that it remains paid up until at least December 2017 as calendars will be sent out direct from the printers using a list of current members.
  6. Pictures that were entered in previous years but were not chosen may be resubmitted but we would prefer to see something new!
  7. Photos must be of sufficient technical quality to print at the required size.
  8. There is no limit on when the pictures were taken, the photos do not need to be recent.
  9. Photos will only be used by the Globetrotters Club for the purposes of the calendar, website, social media, Globe and the eNewsletter.
  10. The Club reserves the right to reproduce pictures submitted for the calendar either in print or online. However, the Club will not sell any pictures on to a third party.
  11. Pictures submitted remain the copyright of the photographer.
  12. All images will be credited wherever possible. Pictures may be edited to suit design requirements, though we will endeavour to retain the photographer’s original composition as much as possible.
  13. Joint members – resident at the same address – may enter individually. (If you do not both have membership cards please contact the membership secretary.)
  14. All submissions must be the member’s own work. Please make sure that you’re the image owner and have full rights on the picture.
  15. By entering, members will be deemed to have accepted and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.