Chester Meetings, Saturday May 19th 2018

Globetrotters in Chester


  1. Dominique Schickele – Moscow and St Petersburg

    Dominique has been a member of Chester Globetrotters for many years and during that time has travelled extensively. This talk takes us to two major cities of the former Soviet Union now opening up more extensively to tourism.

  2. Rina Tillinger – Sushi Sake and Sumo

    From the Midwest US and Northwest UK, Rina Tillinger speaks on Anglo-American history and clashing cultures with a splash of humour.  Her talks are entertaining, educational and thought-provoking.  Each talk is accompanied by photographs, pictures, drawings, paintings, cartoons and even caricatures.

Chester Meetings May 2018
Chester Meetings May 2018

Doors open 1pm for 1:30pm Start till 4:30pm Entrance Fee £3.00 includes refreshments and two talks Grosvenor Museum 25-27 Grosvenor Street, CH1 2DD Enquiries to

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